24th Sun. after Pentecost


Page Numbers:

Liber Usualis 1953:

p. 1074

Liber Usualis 1961:

p. 1074

Liber Brevior 1954:

p. 359 / [51]

Graduale Romanum 1961:

p. 386

Liber Heb. Sanctae 2011(PCP):


Rossini 1933:

p. 40


All Sundays from the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost to the final Sunday after Pentecost use the chant propers of the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost. The readings vary for these Sundays, but all of them use the same chant propers. (Sometimes the 24th through last Sundays are called the "Resumed Sundays after Epiphany.")

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