2020 Holy Week & Easter


  • Due to concerns about coronavirus, the Archdiocese of Atlanta has extended its suspension of all public Masses through April 19, Divine Mercy (“Low”) Sunday.
  • Most unfortunately, the prohibition includes all of Holy Week.
  • Any musical preparations that you have already made for Holy Week and Easter are not in vain, since it will make your preparations even easier, the next time Holy Week comes around. These are some of the most ancient and iconic chants of the liturgical year, and it is a blessing to become more familiar with them.
  • If desired, you can sing some of these chants on your own or with your family, as part of your prayers and devotions. Even during penitential times, these chants can bring us a certain holy joy that lifts us out of our temporal concerns and reminds us of the eternal.
  • It would still be most useful to prepare for the chants of Mass I and the “Vidi Aquam,” so that we can be ready to sing them as well as possible when, God willing, High Masses resume.
  • Please continue to pray for our spiritual and temporal leaders, for the more vulnerable among us, for the sick of the parish and the state, for our fellow choir-members, and for your music director.
  • How wonderful it will be when we can all sing together, again!

When there is a conflict between the recordings, the packets, and the choir guide, we will follow what the choir guide says. We will pronounce our Latin as indicated in the Latin Pronunciation Guide, regardless of what you hear in the recordings below.


Holy Week Choir Guide
1961 Liber Usualis (for reference)

Holy Thu. Good Fri. Holy Sat.
Sacerdotes Domini w/ Amen (Byrd)
Tantum Ergo (Victoria)
Popule Meus (Victoria)
#45 Adoramus Te, Christe (Dubois)
Mass Handout
Lauds Handout
Kyrie from Preces (Tallis)
Regina Coeli (Lotti)
Sicut Cervus (Palestrina)
#60 O Sons and Daughters



No public Mass.




The “Kyrie” will be sung entirely in Greek/Latin, as in your sheet music (not in English). The Litany of the Saints, below, is the full litany: the litany used at the Vigil is considerably shorter than this and is split into two parts.


Details will be posted on schedule page.

Be ready for Vidi Aquam instead of Asperges.