2019 Easter Music Details

HOLY SATURDAY (Paschal Vigil & Mass)

Choir Guide (Overview) | Mass Handout | Lauds Handout

In the Choir Guide, please skip the LESSONS section and just look at the MASS and LAUDS sections.  In the audio playlist, below, start on the Kyrie (track 7).

In square-note music, please hold dotted notes for twice their value.  Square notes with a horizontal line above or below them should also be doubled.  Please minimize vibrato on square notes.

In the Mass Handout, the chant “Laudate Dominum” is optional for you, and I have included it in both chant and modern notation, just in case you wish to sing along.

However, please do learn the Psalm “Laudate Dominum” in the Lauds Handout. I would love for you to sing all of the choir/all sections of Lauds, but most especially the choral sections.

Please use the standard Italian pronunciation of Latin, regardless of what you may hear in the below recordings.

The Mass Handout, this year, has the choral music in it so that you can see more clearly when each piece will be sung.  The Lauds Handout is the same as last year. The Litany of the Saints at the Vigil is shorter than in the recording, below.

Please practice the text of Lauds so that it can be even better, this year. Please be sure to breathe in through the vowel for phrases beginning with “et”; otherwise, “et” become “yet,” “wet,” “net,” “oyt,” “ate,” etc.

On Psalm 150, please make distinctions: “ejus” is “eh-yoos,” but “eum” is “eh-oom”; be sure to sing e vowels as open e sounds (“eh”), because if you sing them as dipthongs (“ay”), then you add an i/j vowel where there is none. The 2nd syllable of “principio” is “chee,” not “[potato] chip.”

In the Canticle of Zach., vs 1: “fecit” should be pronounced “feh-cheet,” not “fetch it”); in vs 12, be careful:  the text is actually “his qui,” not “his que.”

Thank you for your efforts, and please feel free to ask me, if you are unsure of what I mean by any of this.



Choir Guide (Overview) | Chant Selections

These pieces are the same as on Holy Saturday, above:  Kyrie, Gloria, Regina Coeli, Sanctus, Confitemini Domino, Ite Missa Est, and O Sons and Daughters.

GUEST SINGERS: Feel free to just sing the choral music from last night.  However, if you have the time and motivation, please also join us for Vidi Aquam, the Sequence (Victimae Paschali Laudes), Credo III, and the Agnus Dei from the Chant Selections packet, above.

No organ interlude at beginning of Gloria. No Lauds after Mass.